Candles have been used for centuries for cultural celebrations and rituals. Weddings, birthdays, memorials the list goes on. These days candles are often also used as décor pieces in homes and for positive wellbeing.

Candles as a de-stressor:

The benefit candles bring is that they are soothing, reduce stress, and I have found are something you can use to take control of your mood. When I am feeling a bit down, need a pick me up, or want to improve the mood/ambiance candles are my go-to, to help improve the situation. Burning a candle while I bathe, work and even socializing are all ways I create a space for improving my home and mood.

We are all living fast paced, planning filled lives, constantly writing to-do-lists and trying to gain a better life for the future. Candles are a good way to force ourselves to pause, take in and enjoy the moment.

If you are looking to use a candle to relax, light it up, breath in the scent slowly and evenly and watch the flame flicker and dance, this has an amazing effect on the body and mind. Adding candles to your rooms will make your rooms more welcoming not to mention smell amazing, remember they are not only there as décor items, it is important to use your candles as that is when you get the most out of them.

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” Han Suyin. It is important that we are gentle with others but also with ourselves. We are often critical, negative and put a large amount of stress and pressure on ourselves, it is important that we are gentle and embrace taking time to relax, slow down, practice gratitude and reflect on the journey we are on.

We need to “take time from doing to enjoy being.” T. J. Mills

Candles have many uses:

Candles pair perfectly with yoga, reading, wining and dining, socializing, special occasions and to remember those that are no longer with us, bringing them back into the room with us.

Scents have different effects on us, some relax, others re-energize and some bring back fond memories. When going to bed/relaxing you will most likely prefer a more relaxing scent like Vanilla. Stone Sloth Citronella and Vanilla candle has the added benefit of Citronella to keep pesky bugs at bay while the relaxing, soft vanilla scent will help you melt away to dreamland. Light the candle in your room a few hours before going to sleep and then don’t forget to blow the candle out before hitting the hay.

Remember part of a healthy lifestyle is selfcare and a healthy mind. Inducing calm and wellbeing to your life is as important as physical exercise and healthy eating.

Remembering loved ones:

In times when we want to remember loved ones, scent and candles help with symbolizing and for us to hold onto the light in the darkness. Candles can bring about deep spiritual comfort in times when you need it most.

“For all the tears you’ve seen me through, all the joy and laughter too, for all the love I hold for you, and all the dreams you made come true, dear Mother, I will always cherish you.” T. J. Mills

Remembering and having a way to grieve is important, candles and scents can help bring comfort and support during this process.


Candles make perfect gifts and also are great treats for yourself. Gift ideas include but are not limited to: housewarming, thank-you, teacher’s, Mothers Day, Valentines, Get well soon and Christmas presents, they are a wonderful and thoughtful gift, especially if you buy a quality candle for them or even instead of flowers a candle is a nice gift that lasts longer.

Turning from ordinary to memorable:

Candles turn an ordinary, routine dinner, into a romantic and memorable experience. Nothing enhances an occasion like the ambiance of soft lighting.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Allowing candles to create an atmosphere to open up and feel deeply is a great way to use these cost-effective pieces of joy.

Creating focus:

If you are needing to focus, candles and scents have been known to stimulate your mind and help you focus, helping you keep on top of what you need to get done and be more productive.

Turning around a down day:

If you are having a down day, lighting a candle with a scent that improves your mood / makes you happy can be an instant pick me up that you need. What easier way to change course than with a single flame.

Are you ready to start getting the benefits of using candles? Look no further. Stone Sloth has a range of candles which work as décor items as well as gorgeously scented to suit your mood / occasion.